Upcoming material on PBS's Musicology Season 2 - MUSIC VIDEO TOO?!?>!@

The Lovepools (Now known as we. Third person is getting weird.) went into PBS studios last Monday to shoot a live set of unreleased material which will be aired on PBS around April! That’s pretty cool if you ask we.

We have been quite busy, taking a small break from shows, heavily pursuing songwriting. Expect to see many releases from us in 2019!

We shot a music video with Ape Ship Entertainment in mid December. Behind the scenes photos from the shoot are currently being posted daily to our Instagram page. The song is an unreleased track called, “White Lies & Palm Trees”. This song was co-written with Taylor Ravenna.

The track was produced by yours truly (Anthony Shea. I write this PR stuff!). White Lies & Palm Trees is a head-first departure from our classic indie rock roots sound. We’re now diving into synth-driven pop territory and some other songs we’ve been working on are going that way too. Fear not! We love synths and just haven’t had the guts to really incorporate them the right way yet. Honestly, it’s about time. We’ll let the song and video do the talking from here on out!

Anthony Shea