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The Lovepools are a Los Angeles indie rock and synth pop trio first heard on Showtime’s “Shameless” Season 9 premiere with their debut single, “See You In The Funny Papers”.


Anthony Shea (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars) is head of the group’s recording and production process with much assistance from Aria Cruz (Bass, Backing Vocals). The two formed a songwriting partnership soon after they met living together as roommates in East Hollywood, CA. Anthony and Aria’s songwriting is heavily inspired by groups like The Beatles, Foster The People, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers. Not bound to a single genre, the group experiments with different styles including: indie rock, synth pop, breakbeat, alternative, alt pop and indie electronica.


In May 2020, the band inked a record deal with Sword Music with European distribution by Sony Music Italy. This paved the way for a series of singles, most notably "White Lies & Palm Trees" a synthpop track which drew comparisons to Empire of the Sun. A live action/animation music video was promptly released thereafter and aired on major Italian TV channels including MTV Italy and Sky News. A remix EP of “White Lies & Palm Trees” was released in Europe only and the band created their own remix inspired by the EP which was picked up by a major Spotify editorial playlist, gathering nearly 90,000 listens. The last track released by Sword Music was “Island of my Own” which was praised for its heavy Michael Jackson vocal influence and summery 80s production.


After a near two year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the group began performing live again and Devin McGee (Drums) joined as a permanent member of the band, completing their sound. Something = Nothing marked their next alt pop release. The song garnered positive critical acclaim and was praised for its production and serious lyrics drawing comparisons to Gorillaz and Radiohead. The track also marked the group's first print magazine placement in TJPL News (November 2023).


“One Note Wonder” is the latest single out now by The Lovepools which draws direct inspiration from The Beatles, Revolver album, most notably the production and sounds of “Tomorrow Never Knows”. The track’s soaring production vocally evokes “Tame Impala” yet the single has perhaps more of a 60s throwback quality which features: looping orchestras, horn samples, mellotrons, breakbeats and playful organs.


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