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Indie rock for hopeless romantics.

Heartfelt reverberations in the form of sincere lyrics, instrumental warmth, and unforgettable choruses. 

The musical equivalent of a California sun shining on a shambolic estate in Leeds. Step outside and take it all in, the music will fill your lungs like a melodic breeze.

LA’s The Lovepools is the brain child of Anthony Shea. Shea skillfully writes, records, produces, mixes and masters from his city bedroom; taking the concept to market all on his own. Shea writes with big poppy melodies, sugary lead guitar lines, and crisp bouncy drum beats, but his vocal character and lyrics wander in and out of hope and melancholy.

Perhaps The Lovepools would then be more aptly described as Shea’s lovechild with the musical output of the UK. The Anglo influence can be found oozing out of all corners of the music. The Lovepools well-received EP, Safely In My Loveseat, conjures up influences of Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, and Feeder. The Lovepools newest single, See You In The Funny Papers, expands on Loveseat’s sound by going for broke on Shea’s Britpop instincts and edging them with a brash American sexuality. The track is an exciting insight into what’s next for the band ready to “invade!” from within. 



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