The Lovepools are an indie trio first formed in 2017. After two EP's they released their first single, "See You In The Funny Papers" which appeared on the “Shameless” Season 9 Premiere. The group will be appearing in their very own episode on PBS’s show, “Musicology” in Summer 2019.

The group’s upcoming single, White Lies & Palm Trees, is a head-first departure from their guitar-based indie-rock roots into a new synth-pop sound. Anthony Shea confesses his monotonous experiences around LA: red lights, day dreams, white lies, palm trees, rinse, repeat...

A live action/animation music video for White Lies & Palm Trees is currently being edited. In the video, The Lovepools will battle dark forces in an 8-bit converted video-game LA, as they side-scroll down the streets of Sunset Blvd. 


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